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Bicarbonator Soda Blast Cabinet

Bicarbonator Soda Blast Cabinet


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SoftKing Portable Soda Blast Machine

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Bicarboator Soda Bast Cabinet System

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We here at Laster Castor Corporation are proud distributors of high quality Clemco® Bicarbonator Soda Blasting Cabinet Systems and providing  product support tailored to meet the needs of our diverse customers.

CLEMCO® manufactures a comprehensive line of air-blast equipment and accessories for cleaning, surface preparation, and finishing.    We at Laster/Castor Corp. are proud to be Authorized Distributors of Clemco’s®  Bicarbonator Soda Blast Cabinet Systems.

CLEMCO® is the world’s largest manufacturer of air-powered blast equipment, including Bicarbonator Soda Blast Cabinet Systems.  These Bicarbonator Soda Blast Cabinet Systems are used to clean,  remove coatings, finish, or otherwise improve  surfaces being prepared for recoating with many of our recommended high performance coatings.  Whether the surface being soda blasted is carbon steel, alloys, fiberglass or a number of various plastic materials, the Bicarbonator Soda Blast Cabinet Systems will allow you to perform the paint stripping and surface cleaning projects, more safely, and with better efficiencies.

These Bicarbonator soda blast cabinet systems come complete with cabinet, blast pot, blast hose, air hose, flex ducting, dust collector and a high velocity 3/16-inch orifice, long venturi nozzle, for high performance baking soda blasting.

All Bicarbonators include the Patented ClearView™  Window.

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The Bicarbonator Soda Blasting Cabinet

The Aerolyte PSB 2342B Bicarbonator Pressure Blast Cabinet is designed specifically for use with sodium bicarbonate media for degreasing, cleaning, and paint stripping. Soda media is non-toxic, nonhazardous, and soft, making it ideal for delicate substrates; and it is water-soluble simplifying the process of residual media removal and disposal.

Unique patented ClearView™ ventilation technology provides outstanding visibility during soda blasting, unlike any other cabinet on the market.

The Aerolyte Bicarbonator Cabinet Features


  • Door interlock system interrupts blasting when either door is opened
  • Double-wall, insulated doors, reduce exterior noise
  • Full-opening doors with lift-off hinges maximize work chamber capacity and ease loading large parts
  • Full-length, neoprene-on-fabric gloves offer long wear life and operator protection
  • Dual 15-watt fluorescent lights illuminate the work chamber and stay cool


  • Patented ClearView™ targeted high-velocity ventilation technology provides exceptional visibility
  • Unique air logic system maximizes air and media flow for blasting
  • ASME-code pressure vessel, 0.5 cuft capacity, with 1/2” piping
  • Reverse-pulse cartridge dust collector immediately evacuates airborne dust and traps 99.7% of dust down to 0.5 micron
  • Robust, adjustable chrome latches seal doors tight through years of service


  • Tilt-out window allows tool-free glass changes in minutes
  • Easy-to-reach pressure regulator, gauge, and electric switch
  • Built-in air gun conveniently located inside allows part blow-off inside cabinet

The system comes with a high velocity 3/16-inch orifice, long venturi nozzle, for high performance baking soda blasting.



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